Why Your Site is Not Ranking in Google – SEO Troubleshooting

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My Site isn’t Ranking in Google. What Do I Do?

This is a common problem many new website owners run into when they first launch their site. They spend all this time on web design, or money if you used a company. And you are all set ready to go, but next thing you know you run into another problem. You are not ranking in google for your keywords, so therefore your target market has no way of finding you. Well here is a few things you can check to see what is wrong.

Make sure your site is indexed

Check to make sure your site is indexed by going to google and typing “site:[your site]” and if none of your website pages show up, then you are not indexed. If this is the case, you can index your site by submitting a sitemap to google, or directly pinging google though webmaster tools.

Make sure you don’t have a site penalty

If you have a brand new domain, and you haven’t built any links, it is very unlikely that you have a website penalty. But if you picked up an older domain to use for your site, or you have already built links, you may be penalized by one of google’s algorithms. Or it is possible you could also have a manual webspam penalty. To check for this, you can look in google webmaster tools.

Make sure you are not over optimized

If you are indexed, but not ranking, it is possible that your on page seo is over optimized for your keywords. You can remedy this by using LSI keywords throughout your article.

Build more backlinks

If you are not ranking in google it may be a simple case of you do not have enough backlinks pointing to your site. So the simple solution here would be to build more. It is a long tedious process, but worth it when you are getting all the traffic from targeted customers.

Another solution

Another solution is too outsource your seo to a qualified seo company. Doing this, you pay some money, and let the rankings handle themselves, saving you time, and allowing you more time to focus on what you do best, running your business.